Bowel screening: answering your questions and concerns

If you've been invited to take a bowel screening (FIT) test, you might have some questions or worries.

On this page you can:
  • find out what the test involves 
  • get answers to concerns you might have
  • get advice and information from healthcare professionals, patients, and religious leaders.

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Once you have finished on this page, you can go back to the text message you received from your GP surgery for details of what to do next.

What is the bowel screening (FIT) test?

The bowel screening (FIT) test looks for traces of blood in your poo that may be too small to see.

The test can help detect bowel cancer.

Watch this video to find out more.
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Common concerns about the bowel screening test

Here are some common concerns about doing the bowel screening test, including some that you may have yourself.

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Why should I do bowel screening?

Watch the videos below to hear people affected by cancer, healthcare professionals and religious leaders give their views on the bowel screening test.
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‘At the end of the day, it saves your life.’

Too young to be offered bowel screening at the time of his cancer diagnosis, Colin wants others to set aside any stigma and take the test.
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‘The test is a brilliant idea.’

Daniel - who was diagnosed with bowel cancer - has advice and encouragement for anyone with a mental health problem who is offered the screening test.
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‘The pictures tell you how to do it.’

Maggie has done the bowel screening test and thinks that other people with a learning disability should do the same.
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‘Whatever the result, it’s better to know.’

Oncology Consultant Gehan says that doing the screening test can provide peace of mind.
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‘It may seem strange, but it is all perfectly hygienic.’

Vickki, a specialist Colorectal Nurse, wants people from all backgrounds to do the bowel screening test.
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‘Islam has always been in favour of looking after your health.’

Imam Abdul Chowdhury explains that seeking professional healthcare is part of Muslim life.
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‘God is not against the treatment of health through medicine.’

Reverend Nana Kyei-Baffour sees the bowel screening test as a gift from God.