Feb 8 / Vic Cann

Celebrating our fifth birthday!

Cue the music and cut the cake – we’re celebrating five years of Guy’s Cancer Academy!

And what a five years it’s been. Since we launched in 2019, our team of expert clinicians and education creators have worked on hundreds of innovative online and blended courses to transform cancer care. 

We’ve created cutting-edge learning resources for people affected by cancer and healthcare professionals here and abroad, massively expanded and diversified our team, and led the charge on countless exciting education initiatives.
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Our highlights include: 

Collaborating with Karkinos Healthcare to help break down barriers to cancer care and treatment through staff and patient education modules.

Working with the South East London Cancer Alliance to create vital microlearning resources on cancer signs for primary care.

Launching a range of resources for people living with cancer in south east London, supporting them to manage treatment side effects and be physically active.

Running popular accredited courses for cancer care professionals, with highly positive feedback on online learning content and live events.

Starting to develop an exciting new course for professionals on the ways that artificial intelligence can support cancer care.  

Expanding our team of clinical experts to provide healthcare staff with world-class online learning and support.

Filming a range of patient stories to ensure that people’s authentic experiences of cancer play a core role in our education.

'We’d like to thank all our colleagues and collaborators who have helped develop our impactful learning resources to improve cancer care and patient outcomes. 

'We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved as a team, and looking forward to sharing the innovative projects we have in the pipeline.’

Dr Simon Hughes
Guy’s Cancer Academy Lead
Thank you to all the patients, staff and collaborators who have worked with us.

Here’s to another five years and beyond!