Personalised cancer care:
Online learning events 2023 

Guy’s Cancer Academy is running a series of free educational webinars for healthcare professionals and students on personalised cancer care.

We’ll hear from multidisciplinary professionals and people with cancer on a range of topics, including:

An overview of what personalised care is and why it matters, including the context of personalised care policy in England

How personalised care is delivered in different cancer settings

How to use data from a personalised care support plan (such as a holistic needs assessment) to improve a patient’s experience and care in various settings.

By the end of these sessions you should be able to:

  • Describe what personalised care is
  • Explain why personalised care is relevant and important in your practice
  • Explain why personalised care is the best model for cancer care, to ensure your patients’ holistic needs are identified and met, and will lead to better outcomes and wellbeing

  • Identify and use the tools and resources available to enable you to provide personalised care effectively. 

Events in this series

Event 1: Introducing personalised cancer care

Thursday 2 February, 5–6pm
In our first event, we heard from expert speakers and had a range of interactive activities and discussions on the following topics:

  • Introduction to background and policy context of personalised care
  • Personalised care interventions
  • Delivering personalised cancer care in practice 
  • Personalised care: a patient’s perspective 

Event 2: Personalised care in practice

Tuesday 16 May, 5–6pm
Building on our first event – where we explored what personalised cancer care involves and some resources you can use – professionals from a range of disciplines discussed the realities of delivering personalised care in practice.

We heard and discussed personalised care at different stages for people with cancer, including at diagnosis, prehabilitation and rehabilitation, and at the end of treatment.

Event 3: Unlocking the hidden potential of personalised care

Tuesday 13 June, 5–6pm
Building on our first two events – where we explored what personalised cancer care involves and how to deliver it in practice, we'll hear about how you can find and use insights on what patients tell us, and how they engage with personalised care planning.

Event 4: Approaching the uncomfortable topics

Monday 17 July, 5–6pm
Building on our first three events, exploring personalised cancer care in theory and practice, and how to use data, we'll look at the importance of approaching the uncomfortable topics in personalised cancer care. These include sex and intimacy, hair thinning and body image.