‘It really does help keep me motivated’

People with head and neck cancer are among the patients being supported by some impressive online resources from Guy’s Cancer Academy.
As well as developing world class learning programmes for healthcare professionals, Guy’s Cancer Academy firmly believes that people with cancer and their families should be supported with information about the entire cancer journey.

Among its online offering for patients with cancer, the Academy has produced a popular yoga series and a well-received resource about cancer-related fatigue.
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A rigorous and innovative approach to patient education is a core part of our philosophy. That includes risk factors, treatment, and living well with cancer. We're keen to work closely with healthcare professionals to create powerful resources to support people with cancer and their families throughout their cancer journey.

‘It just made it all so easy.’ 

Tim Carter, who is living with cancer, shares his experience of the online Swallow exercise programme developed by Guy’s Cancer Academy and the Speech and Language Therapy team at Guy’s and St Thomas’. 
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From leaflets to videos

We created a set of videos for patients with head and neck cancer, working with the Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) team at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

‘Many of our patients are advised to complete exercises to help maintain or improve their swallow function, but these can be difficult to stick to, particularly when people are going through treatment,’ explains Jane Dunton, one of the SLT team, who previously only had a leaflet to give patients.

Bhav worked closely with the SLT team on an online Swallow exercise programme, which includes clear demonstrations of how to complete the exercises. 

‘Together, we created something straightforward and easy to use,’ says Jane.

‘The Academy designed the look and feel of the whole video package, taking on feedback from us and our patient users.’

As well as being delighted with the final resource, Jane was also very impressed with the way the work came together.
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Bhav was really enthusiastic right from the start, which helped when we were struggling to prioritise the project within a busy clinical team.

I would definitely recommend Guy’s Cancer Academy for any creative projects.

Like a companion

People with head and neck cancer are also full of praise for this important online resource. ‘The videos were very useful at the beginning, to actually learn how to do what I had to do,’ says one. 

Another adds, ‘You feel a lot more confident because you can see the person at the same time as you’re doing it.’

The videos have proved equally valuable for a patient who already knows the exercises off by heart.
‘I still have it running on my laptop, because it feels like a companion doing it with me,’ they explained.

And for them, the benefits of these expert online exercises are mental as well as physical.

‘With the video running it really, really does help me keep motivated.'