‘They enhanced the learning experience significantly’

Guy’s Cancer Academy has helped bring expert breast cancer education to life for the benefit of nurses and patients across Europe.
The provision of specialist cancer nurses varies greatly across Europe, partly because not everyone has access to the necessary training and development. And even where specialist breast care nurses are available, many need additional and continuous education to support patients who have advanced breast cancer.

That’s why the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) – a membership organisation for cancer nurses – launched the ABC4Nurses project. It’s an online education programme that provides European nurses with specialist knowledge and skills in advanced breast cancer care.

The content of the ABC4Nurses programme was developed in partnership with people living with advanced breast cancer, as well as clinical, advocacy and academic professionals.

Guy’s Cancer Academy was tasked with turning this expert information into interactive online education, building on feedback from professionals and patient advocates along the way.



Study hours

The ABC4Nurses online learning education programme was EONS’ first foray into online learning, so it was important to engage with a group of online education experts like Guy’s Cancer Academy.
Professor Theresa Wiseman, clinical nurse academic who co-led ABC4Nurses.
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Extremely insightful and responsive

The Academy produced short videos of expert professionals introducing and concluding each module. The course also contains case studies, animations and interactive elements to help learners understand advanced breast cancer and the impact it has on a person and their family. Quizzes and activities throughout the course enable learners to demonstrate their knowledge.

The Academy also ensured that the modules are culturally appropriate, with accurate translation into Spanish, Czech and Turkish.

By January 2023, 360 people had registered for ABC4Nurses, which has also been embedded within the European College of Cancer Nursing’s enhanced level learning pathway.
We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Guy’s Cancer Academy team to develop these modules. Their suggestions enhanced the content and learning experience significantly.

They were extremely insightful, and responsive to the changes required to ensure the modules were culturally appropriate to meet a wide range of needs.

The team were also amazing in helping to develop filming scripts. The filming was daunting, but we were made to feel relaxed and supported. We learnt new autocue skills and, most importantly, it was fun.
Amanda Shewbridge, cancer nurse expert who worked on ABC4Nurses.