May 19 / Gareth Bracken

Academy colleague awarded Topol Digital Fellowship

Congratulations to our Clinical Education Fellow, Dr Parnyan Ashtari, who’s been awarded the competitive Topol Digital Fellowship.

The Topol Digital Fellowship is an NHS Digital Academy programme that provides health and social care professionals with time, support and training to lead digital health transformations and innovations in their organisations.
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‘I am thrilled to be awarded the Topol Digital Fellowship. It will help me navigate the paradigm shift of moving healthcare to a digital world, and deliver cross-boundary solutions to cancer education access.’

Dr Parnyan Ashtari
Parnyan will be using her grant to develop a high-performing national and international digital education ecosystem for cancer patients and professionals, focusing on head & neck and oral cancer. 

To find out more about Parnyan and the rest of our Guy’s Cancer Academy team, go to our Meet the team page.